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Halo-Son Of Sparta: Chapter 1
”The Spartan IV’s represent a return to acceptable morality in our operations… we just need to wait for ONI to catch up…"
An unknown member of UNSC High Command.

Northern Snow planes
New Inkerman
Hydra System
19th August
The howling blizzard lifted the snow that had settled in a thick glaze on the rocky surface. The temperature was particularly low, freezing the freshly spilled purple blood of a Sangheli warrior that laid, mortally wounded, already half buried beneath the snow. Its wheezing sounds invisible against the blistering wind that stole any sounds, a metaphor for the force of nature on the Northern frontier. Determined not to give in, the warrior lifted its arm from the snow that was slowly swallowing it, grabbing and activating the ice blue energy sword that sat on its upper leg. About as soon as it activated, a burst small calibre round tore way its fingers, causing the warrior to let out a howl as the sword fell t
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Back To Back  Commission  By Ambulantchronothaur by Cyran204 Back To Back Commission By Ambulantchronothaur :iconcyran204:Cyran204 5 0 ONI Agent 'Pentagon' by Cyran204 ONI Agent 'Pentagon' :iconcyran204:Cyran204 5 8 Cyran-204 The Son of Sparta by Cyran204 Cyran-204 The Son of Sparta :iconcyran204:Cyran204 12 0
Chapter 1: Monument to Secrecy
Freelancer off-site storage facility, unknown location.
Present day
The UNSC had had enough. The director had broken his leash and gotten too far off the radar. Now, they wanted him found, problem is, he had gone dark, no one had heard from him for months, fortunately, the UNSC had recruited a few former Freelancers after the collapse of the program. And that’s who they sent to locate and retrieve the director, former freelancer Agent Missouri, a 6”5 brit and committed soldier.
Missouri steadied himself, as he prepared heavy explosives to blast an entrance to enter the facility. He had done this a million times, yet this time felt different, as if he was returning to somewhere he was glad to have seen the back of, whatever it was; it made him sick to his stomach. He sighed, as he stepped back, one hand on the detonator, the other on the grip of his rifle. He counted backwards from 3, then, taking a half breath, pressed the detonator. The ground shook at the violent explosio
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Raven Phoenix by Cyran204 Raven Phoenix :iconcyran204:Cyran204 9 11 Agent Hawaii: Zireena Winters by Cyran204 Agent Hawaii: Zireena Winters :iconcyran204:Cyran204 5 7 Hunter Zeela-Winters by Cyran204 Hunter Zeela-Winters :iconcyran204:Cyran204 6 10 Gift: Hunter turbofurby by Cyran204 Gift: Hunter turbofurby :iconcyran204:Cyran204 4 5 Hunter: Eagalus by Cyran204 Hunter: Eagalus :iconcyran204:Cyran204 4 4 Hunter by Cyran204 Hunter :iconcyran204:Cyran204 3 44 Agent Michigan by Cyran204 Agent Michigan :iconcyran204:Cyran204 15 17 Agent Missouri (Halo 4 model) by Cyran204 Agent Missouri (Halo 4 model) :iconcyran204:Cyran204 7 12
Freelancer Fanfiction- Hard Justice
"Aro, you in positon?"
"Alright, I'm outside the security room, neutralizing"
Agent Missouri kicked the door down, one guard sees him, he attempted to draw his sidearm, but Missouri tackled him straight into his console, before drawing his blade and stabbing him in the throat, splashing Missouri with blood. He turned as two more notice him, they drew there blades and charged at him, he threw his blade, dropping one as he closed in. The other one swiped for his side, he catches the hand and punched the guard in the stomach, before bringing his knee up hard into his face, he fell limp to the floor. Missouri pulled his blade out of the first one, and sheathed it. He walked up to the main console, he looks around the console, looking for the door controls, he hit it frustration, the doors opened. "Huh, that works too," He opens his comm to his brother, Agent North Carolina, also known as Aro. "Your clear."
"How did you get access?" He asked.
"I'm that good." Missouri lied.
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Agent Missouri by Cyran204 Agent Missouri :iconcyran204:Cyran204 24 16 Guardian angel. by Cyran204 Guardian angel. :iconcyran204:Cyran204 0 7


Sandstorm (Commission) by The-Chronothaur Sandstorm (Commission) :iconthe-chronothaur:The-Chronothaur 83 10 Back to Back (Commission) by The-Chronothaur Back to Back (Commission) :iconthe-chronothaur:The-Chronothaur 78 8 Commission: ONI Agent 'Pentagon' by The-Chronothaur Commission: ONI Agent 'Pentagon' :iconthe-chronothaur:The-Chronothaur 129 8 Commission: Son of Sparta by The-Chronothaur Commission: Son of Sparta :iconthe-chronothaur:The-Chronothaur 117 12 Commission: Grace-Winters by RedtheGamr Commission: Grace-Winters :iconredthegamr:RedtheGamr 6 4 Agent Wash Approves by British-Prophetess Agent Wash Approves :iconbritish-prophetess:British-Prophetess 18 9 RvB Freelancer Template by Bushtuckapenguin RvB Freelancer Template :iconbushtuckapenguin:Bushtuckapenguin 184 169 Break In by Grace-Winters Break In :icongrace-winters:Grace-Winters 24 49 AT-zeela-winters by WinterSpectrum AT-zeela-winters :iconwinterspectrum:WinterSpectrum 20 10 Fatherly Love - Gift by Grace-Winters Fatherly Love - Gift :icongrace-winters:Grace-Winters 17 16 Protector ~ Missouri and Hawaii by Grace-Winters Protector ~ Missouri and Hawaii :icongrace-winters:Grace-Winters 4 30 commission! by Eliy123 commission! :iconeliy123:Eliy123 21 26
From one Spartan to Another
Winters. He had chosen that surname on purpose. It wasn't just because Spartans weren't given one. It was because of its many meanings. Most, he knew, chalked it up to the cold and dispondant demeanor. Sure, they have a point there. Most Spartans were severely introverted, lacked in personality and communication, and were, for lack of a better word, cold. But is that all anyone can see when they scan a snow ridden field? A frozen waste being loosely gripped of life, and robbed of all its potential.
Not Cyran. Where they saw a cold, muted landscape he could see the shining brilliance radiating from each snow crystal. He could find even the tiniest trace of life not just surviving, but thriving. It was there, just beneath the layer of cold lifelessness that he knew all the hope and potential in the world resided. The same was true for himself. Yes, he had the manner of almost any other Spartan, but just beneath his armor lurked an infinite potential.
He had thrived on the battle field mu
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Wolf-217 OC Bio
Halo Spartan Bio
This is my ORIGINAL halo OC, this certain spartan has many variations but this is the overlord one
NAME: Wolf
SERIAL NUMBER: 217 Spartan 4
RANK: Commander
ARMOUR: Recon Helmet, ODST should, Jump Jet Should, UA Parafoil chest,(see pics for rest)
VEHICLE: Bulldog (motorcycle)
WEAPON:Fists/Knives and sometimes magnums
SPECIALTY: Close Combat, infiltration and Lone Wolf
BIO: Wolf was origionaly called 'Simon Riley' and was entered into the Spartan 2 program along with the greats, Simon was a very quiet spartan and didnt comunicate with fellow spartans, he was the sort of spartan that obsevered and then acted, one day Thyler 236 who was rowdy and fancied a fight was picking on Myric 168 as Thyler was about to punch Myric a hand caught his fist revealing Wolf grasping it, at this point Wolf was feared for unatural speed. Later on he was put into a spartan team sent to reach (at the time of the war) Him and his team entered new mombassasa to only be hammered
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I'm thinking of abandoning all RP's at this stage. Inly one of my partners is proving to be a reliable person to RP with, the rest despite evidence activity, I rarely hear from, and some just straight out ignore me. Its fine, I'm just not sure I want to waist time like this anymore.


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Hello, I must first say I am very bad at drawing, I have the artistic talent of a cluster of colour-blind hedgehogs, in a bag. But I do enjoy reading and writting poetry. I am a massive Halo and RvB fan. I must say that I am sarcasrtic, and if it seems rude it is meant in good humour. Also, I tend to be quite honest, so take what I say at face level. Also note that I don't really fake interest in things, it seems mean but if it doesn't interest me, I won't pay much attension to it, but that means that if I seem interested, I am genuinly interested. But I am nice really, just honest. Thank you for reading.
P.S I'm happy to RP.

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